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Wutai Vegetarian Restaurant(五台山素宴) is giving out SIX $50 coupons to our visitors
Any visitor who submitted a genuine comment ( 20 words or more) on any restaurant listed on the website will be qualified for the lottery draw to be held on Oct 1, 2016.
Share with us, your experience at any of the restaurants listed in this website
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Recent Comments

  • on JAMEH BOSSAMThank you! Updated the address.
  • Ella on JAMEH BOSSAMcorrect address: 39 Spring Garden Ave, North York, ON M2N 3G1
  • R on Pho 88We ordered pho with rare beef and flank. They gave us a choice of dry noodles or fresh. we thought this dish was okay but not the best we had.
  • Miley Sung on Dim Sum King
    I went to this restaurant and the food was so delicious. Waitress were really great sever as well. Love it and would for sure go again next time !
  • Frankie Wong on Morals Village Hotpot
    Six soups available for your choice. Shrimps are fresh and delicious. Kiwi Special Drink is a must try.
  • Angie on Yang’s Fine Chinese Cuisine
    Very rude waitresses and manager. They yelled at our family even though we had reserved 4 large tables - not cheap. Waitresses complained to each other about us in chinese evem though we could clearly understand chinese. Look at your bill very carefully.
  • Frankie Wong on WuTai Vegetarian Restaurant
    Good service and good food served for catch up dinner with old friends. Date vistied: September 17, 2016 Food ordered: Combo dinner for four (more than enough for four adults and very tasteful) 正呀!
  • R on Yu Seafood 漁膳房As the name suggests, this place has a lot of seafood dishes. Fresh from the tanks they keep at front, they show us the lobsters and crabs for our meal prior to cooking. The different styles, like fried vs boiled, definitely was useful in not getting tired of one item. I think my favourite was the fried oysters, but all dishes were really good: delicious, fresh, and clean!
  • Joseph on Taste of Western
  • SL Chan on Spring Villa Chinese Cuisine
    Dim Sum tasty and only cost $2.99 each ( except Special Large) for orders before 11 am. Good service and food quality.
  • Paul Lin on WuTai Vegetarian Restaurant
    I visited Wutai Vegetarian Restaurant a week ago and the foods were delicious and fast delivery. I will recommend people to go and visit it again.
  • B on Miss Congee 金碗粥I won't go there anymore!👎👎👎👎
  • Zarah on Captain’s BoilThis place is sooo good!
  • Ponny Wo on Crab Harbour
    A great deal, fresh and delicous seafood. The king crab meal is excellent.The environment is really quite beautiful and the service is fast. I really like the place and food.
  • Smithk466 on Pardis RestaurantWe're a group of volunteers and opening a brand new scheme in our community. Your site offered us with useful information to paintings on. You've performed a formidable job and our entire group can be thankful to you. fddecgekecebbgeg
  • Ms Yau on Miu Garden Restaurant
  • Betty I. on Mr Congee
    龍粥記 (Bridlewood Mall)
    Good vegetarian options, even for congee! Large servings and good service.
  • Parco on Hanabi Sushi Japanese RestaurantThe appetizers are really good... and tasty too!
  • Ruby on Mr Congee
    龍粥記 (Bridlewood Mall)
    Food was fresh and well prepared. My favourite was the congee. I believe it is supposed to be good for you, and, it tastes good too. We were there after 2pm for lunch, and the place was pretty busy although not full. It would be very busy during peak hours.
  • I. Lo on Phoenix restaurant
    I like the interior decorations there, with the golden birds flying under the ceiling. It has the feeling of a magical forest. The food is delicious and the service is good. I will probably visit again.
  • Wellwell on 360 Seahood
    360 水貨
    New BBQ idea. Nice place with nostalgic yet constructive trendy at the same time. Love to hang out with my friends there… eat and drinks..
  • Ivy on The Royal Chinese Restaurant
    This restaurant reminds me of the little eateries that lined up in the streets of Hong Kong. The dishes came fresh, and smelled great. Prices are just as good!
  • Carissa Tran on Shanghai Dim Sum
    Shanghai Dim Sum - an awesome Shanghai restaurant! The "Steamed Seafood XIAO LONG BAO" is so yummy (1st order price $1.99 for 4 pcs). Cold soya bean milk is delicious!
  • I. Lo on Amaya ExpressWe were at Leaside, and were looking for a place for a quick lunch. The food was good and the price was reasonable. They have a number of curries (non-veg) dishes and vegetables dishes. Lunch meals (available 11:30 to 4:30) are below $10. They come in good portions.
  • Rose on Guirei Japanese RestaurantI had a bibimbap with beef, and only ate half of it because it's very filling, but it was good. It came hot on a sizzling plate. My friend had the chirashi. He said it was really good. It had caviar, salmon, and other types of fish. I have also had oyster (French Kiss) here, but they were small and I didn't really like them. And my go to dish (chicken terriyaki bento) is good. Tempura udon was not spectacular because they should have served the tempura on a separate plate, instead of letting it soak in the udon soup.
  • Nancy on WuTai Vegetarian Restaurant
    We have enjoyed eating a variety of meals at Wutai as a couple and have brought our family. We will be celebrating our wedding anniversary with dinner there.
  • Ruby on Carmen’s SteakhouseA great place for fine dining with great food, nice deco and cosy atmosphere. Our steaks were excellent complimented by delicious house wine. Good service as well.
  • Julia on Ginger RestaurantThe food at Ginger is tasty, budget-friendly and filling. The vermicelli and pho dishes are great!
  • Aqeela on Satay On The RoadI had the tofu satay with the mixed vegetable stir-fry dish. The food was tasty and the portion size was very generous (I had enough leftovers for a second meal).
  • I. Lo on Cafe CrepeThis restaurant is located right in the middle of shopping area on Queen Street West. It is a great place to have a crepe and a coffee. They make crepes at the front of the store, as attraction for shoppers walking by. The crepes come in all kinds of flavours, and are delicious!
  • Rose on Star KingI went here on Christmas day. They were one of the only places open that day. My friend ordered pho, while I was craving something with a little more substance. So I went with pad thai with chicken. This one, though looked nice in design with one corner full of ground chilli peppers, another of crushed peanuts, and the last of bean sprouts. It was garnished with a slice of lime and a sprig of cilantro. I didn't find the taste comparable. Though it also contained authentic tamarind sauce, this one seemed too salty and sweet. The servers were quite nice and attentive, and they wished us a happy Christmas before we left.
  • Rose on Dim Sum King
    I've been here to Dim Sum King a few times, for lunches with a company I used to intern for. Also, since it was in close proximity to my church, we went there once for a group lunch. Dim Sum King is like many dim sum restaurants. Waitresses push around a cart filled with a type of food and ask if you want that food item. If you do, they serve it to you hot and fresh, sometimes with dipping sauce if applicable. I find it great for large parties, as you can try several things at once, without too much wastage. The round table is also a bonus for group discussions, since we found that with western rectangular tables, we could only talk in groups of three or four. I have a few favourite dishes from here: chao siu bao (sweet BBQ pork bun), BBQ ribs, and mango pudding. The manager is quite kind to us since he sees us there often during the summer. I wouldn't recommend having this often, as the food can be quite salty, greasy, and sweet, so a treat for once in a while is good.
  • Sandra Smith on Congee Delight
    I have gone to this restaurant over 3 times in the last couple of months and feel the fact I am not Asian to be an issue. I do not receive the same welcome that the Asian clients do. Over years of dinning in Toronto I have never felt that my business was unwelcomed as I do at this establishment. You are going to miss out on some very valuable guests if you continue to not treat all guests equally. As for me I WILL NOT BE RETURNING OR RECOMMENDING YOU TO MY FRIENDS WHO ARE NOT ASIAN!
  • Alice Leung on Tasty Delight Fusion Cuisine 新斗餐房Excellent food and great prices. Very nice and clean restaurant.
  • Janet Huang on Royale Fine Dining & Banquet
  • may on simmer huang
  • I Lo on Casa Deluz Banquet Hall
    The food here tasted very good, not too much salt, oil or MSG. We ordered a chicken dish, and it was very delicious, even the skin tasted good! However, the service there needs more coordination.
  • I Lo on Glow Fresh Grill & Wine BarThe atmosphere here is very cool. The lights at the ceiling keep changing, red, purple, green... They have Latin Band Playing after 7:30 on Friday nights.
  • James on Mongolian Hot Pot
    Awesome! can't wait to go!
  • Frank Kwong Nui Hau on Royale Fine Dining & Banquet
  • Ruby on Legend Chinese Restaurant
    I only had dinners at this restaurant. The food was good. Prices were reasonable. Food came very fast once you placed the order. However, it may take a while before they take your order.
  • Ruby on Pantheon RestaurantThis is my favourite Greek restaurant. You get a lot of great tasting food. The atmosphere was friendly and service was good. Make sure you make a reservation first,
  • Ruby on Yang’s Fine Chinese Cuisine
    The food was very fresh and tasty. They are not too salty, just right for my taste. The service was fast. It is not a cheap place but you get really good food. I had both dim sum and dinner at this place, and had really good experiences with their food so far. In terms of atmosphere, it is a bit nosy just like a typical Chinese restaurant.
  • George Guo on Asian Legend (Finch & Leslie)
    I like most of your food and the style of restaurant
  • Dan on Sir Greek RestaurantAvoid this establishment at all costs! They intentionally keep a vague and uninteresting overhead menu in an attempt to force you to ask for something that's not on the menu. If you pick from the menu, the owner will attempt to push a "custom special" meal for you. Also, the owner attempts to stall you any time you ask for the price. You'll be told "don't worry about it" or "what's it matter?". It's only when the food is ready/after you've eaten that the owner makes up an absurdly high price and bills you. The food itself is sub par, I'd rate it even lower than food court take out joints.
  • ALICE KO on Chloe’s Garden Restaurant
    We went to try the promotion dish - Hannan chicken with rice, this is great one that we have tried couple of time. Then I brought my mother to try as well, she loved it so much. Where we met with the owner of the restaurant, he's a very nice guy and we talked a lot, he's like a PR of the restaurant and we shared with him on the comment of the food and place too. We have a very good time and this is a nice restaurant that I would recommend people to try out!!
  • Merle Zurin on Sushi Legend 糰長Fantastic food! I love the shrimp tempura and rock shrimp, as well as anything on the menu that I tried and I tried a lot! I am on disabled and don't get out much, but this is definitely a place I make a point of going to!
  • Lei on The Red Sichuan Restaurant
    Very good service, excellent food, definitely go back again.
  • Florence Tsao on Sika Deer Chinese Cusine
    A friend told us that Sika Deer Chinese Cuisine has the best Xiao Long Bao in town. We went there to try it out a few weeks ago, and it was so good. The wrapping was thin with good and fresh chunk of meat and lots of soup inside. It's surely the best Xiao Long Bao I have ever tasted. I would like to take my family to have the upcoming birthday celebration there.
  • leslie kwok on Tasty BBQ Seafood Restaurant
    i like the fry rice.
  • leslie kwok on New Treasure Restaurant
    Good dim sum and food fresh
  • Frankie on Summit Garden
    Very friendly waitress and good food!
  • Frankie on New Treasure Restaurant
  • Frankie on Macey’s Restaurant
    老板的(口架)喱牛腩飯 - 正呀!
  • PaulErik Eknes on Fun @ Kensington MarketRecently, a dear friend of mine, whom I had not seen for yonks, came to visit me here in Toronto. She'd been living in; London, Paris, St.Petersberg, New York, Vienna Rome, et al. She wanted me to show her some neat and cool areas and aspects of my town. Imagine my dilemma. The zoo was lovely, but nothing compared to the one in San Diego. Casa Loma was swell, but she had spent a summer in a proper 1000 year old castle on the Rhine. The beaches were quaint, but did I recall that spring so many years ago when we languished on the sands of Oahu. I was ready to concede defeat...then I thought ...why not? She absolutely adored The Market. " There are, of course," said Madam," many similar places such as this that I have encountered in my travels, but this one has a certain je ne sais quoi, a funkiness, as it were" I could not have agreed more. And there was that peculiar sense of pride that we T.Onians have when ever we are given accolades. I was well chuffed. She especially enjoyed lunch at The Hungary Thai. Close to tears, she remarked that the cabbage rolls were exactly like her Nona's, and with spring rolls on the side. Wunderbar.
  • Helen C on New Hong Fatt BBQ Restaurant
    I had a $5-lunch (inclusive of HST & gratuity) of 燒鴨湯瀨粉, barbecue duck with Chinese spaghetti soup with vegetables, at the 443 Dundas Street West 新鴻發美食軒 Hong Fatt BBQ Restaurant M5T 1G6 416-977-3945. The meal was tasty & filling. This is a deal of the century!
  • Molly on Asuka Fusion Sushi RestaurantWe love this place, eat here often and have never had a bad experience, service is always with a smile and food is delicious!
  • on Casa Deluz Banquet Hall
    We would like to hear from you after your visit to this restaurant thanks webmaster
  • Alice on Casa Deluz Banquet Hall
    Looking forward to have dim sum at Casa Deluz Banquet Hall this weekend. Heard many good things about this restaurant.
  • samuel on Chloe’s Garden Restaurant
  • David Shaw on Jim Chai Kee Wonton Noodle
    I have visited the original J.C.K in Hong Kong....gotta tell you....this is even better! The Won-Ton are huge and very, very fresh....he noodles are also very fresh hand-made min-style and the soup base is totally yummy....add some choi and you have a great lunch/dinner/snack whatever!!! Don't miss it
  • patricia smith on Yoki TeriyakiWell, today is Halloween and I wanted to try something new for lunch. Tired of the same old same old. As I drove through Vaughan Mills, I noticed Yoki Teriyaki...with several diners inside. I have worked in Vaughan for eleven years and have virtually hit every lunch spot. This restaurant is cool. The owner is a sweetheart. I ordered the chickan curry...very good and not too high in sodium. I love their little rice bowls. Portions a generous and the price is very fair. I will be back next week to try one of their other dishes. Good luck and please stay in business. Patricia @-}-
  • Banny on Pho Vietnamese Delight
    I used to go to this restaurant with my sister or by myself all the time, sometimes even twice a week. First time we went there we received terrible customer service, the waiter didn't even say hi and just asked us what we wanted. We didn't leave a tip and the owner asked us to tip them, we didn't want to embarrass him so we left a tip.. We kept coming back to this place because honestly their pho is delicious and they're 2 mins from our place. Today after school I decided to go there, I regularly go and they never acknowledge me and I get the same thing every time. Never going there again, the pho had a piece of black hair (I have blonde and brown hair).. And they didn't even ask if I would like another one. I even paid for it.. LOL, businesses like this only care about money and nothing else. So embarrassing for the culture and representing your store.
  • j lau on Mama Bear Taiwanese Cuisine 熊媽媽賣相,味道及價錢都不錯
  • lily low on Hub SushiJust opened a couple of months, the service at this restaurant is friendly, food is good especially the sushi which is always fresh, authentic and beautifully presented. Prices are very reasonable.
  • j lau on Steam Kitchen 蒸蒸日上午餐最爱,桂花魚蒸飯
  • Pension on Asian Legend
    味香村 (Steeles Ave)
    我們對憶江南與城隍廟極度失望 芙蓉園的快子油膩不堪 頂泰豐所有餡子都一樣,那蘿蔔絲餅 一口咬下油都滴出全然沒有蘿蔔味 除非有人替我付錢請我去 我們是不會去的吃的 與台北的頂泰豐比 門都沒有,只有想多付錢想炫富的去吃 近處停車也不便   只有味香村 雖漲了些 但還是我們的首選!
  • j lau on Chinese Dumpling House真東北餃子館打鲁麪$4.99 多菜少肉
  • Tim T on Golden Moon Restaurant
    The foods at the Golden Moon are well prepared, tasty, exceptional and authentic. We have been a frequent visitors to the restaurant for lunch and dinner. We are very satisfied with the quality of food, cleanliness, service the restaurant provides. The cook would even listen to your special requests. If you are looking for traditional Chinese/Cantonese cooking, you should definitely give the Golden Moon a try.
  • Frances Lau on Made In China
    Why no contact number in the adv?
  • Don Ho on Health Gourmet
    Its best Restaurant with the same price level. I like they care the customers in details, wirless calling bell in each table for services. Candy provided with bill payment. I havent seen in Chinese Restaurant.
  • Andrew Wong on Fung Lam Court Chinese Restaurant
    Your desert, I.e. Sweet soup, is soooo good. We return for dinner because of the desert.
  • on Good Taste Caserole Rice
    Thanks Wilson the phone number has been corrected
  • Wilson on Good Taste Caserole Rice
    ~the phone number of this restaurant is actually 905-604-6691 :)
  • Bugbug77 on Golden Light Buffet
    I had my first visit a few days ago for lunch with my family and friends. They had a very good variety of food in comparison to Dragon Pearl. I especially liked the way the salmons were prepared. I am really impressed with their choice of dessert, from waffle cones to waffles to special flavour ice cream to O M G.. the cake selection which I totally didn't expect it would be available. The Tiramisu, Green Tea, Chocolate Mousse was excelllllent !!! Really hope you can get your website up as soon as possible. Thank you.
  • Joanna L on Royale Fine Dining & Banquet
    Dim Sum is very good and reasonable price. Banquet hall is nice and big. Washrooms are clean.
  • Todd on Chloe’s Garden Restaurant
    The chicken wing basket with 4 drinks is a very good deal. Looking for more nice deals for this FIFA season.
  • lily low on Pho Viet XpressThe Pho'dishes and summer rolls are excellent. All dishes are reasonably price,the restaurant is clean and the service is friendly.
  • Richard on Yoki TeriyakiI went to the Starbucks in the plaza and noticed a few people talking about the deals at the new Yoki Teriyaki place. I went in any got the fried noodles with beef for 5 dollars, it was really good. Its one of those places you want to share with your friends, a hidden gem for sure.
  • I Lo on Paisano’sThis is a hidden gem. We have been to this Italian restaurant a number of times in the past. The food is always good and reliable. The price is reasonable. The restaurant can be very busy on Saturday nights.
  • pradeep on Wildfire Steakhouse & Wine BarThis is a nice post in an interesting line of content.Thanks for sharing this article, great way of bring such topic to discussion.
  • pradeep on Pickle Barrel Bar Restaurant CafeNice information, There is obviously a lot. Your points are very valuable and knowledgeable. Thanks for sharing this great blog with us.
  • ParkerSmith on Tasty BBQ Seafood Restaurant
    Another great post, I appreciate all the work you put into this site, helping out others with your fun and creative works.
  • Joseph Lau on EDO RestaurantA delicious lunch
  • candy on BBQ Harbin
  • Stephen N. on Very Fair Seafood Cuisine
    Any restaurants is better than 鴻福海鮮大酒樓 (Very Fair Seafood Cuisine) @ 17 Milliken Blvd. (@ Finch) where I had business luncheon on Sunday. Servers were rude, service was poor & waitresses don't care about customers- and when you want to speak to the Mgr.- "I'm only an employee and not the manager. Please do not talk to me I only work here," he said. Do you still want to host a banquet in this kind of restaurant?
  • Joseph on Sushi Legend 糰長I really like Sushi Legend.
  • AL on De Mello PalhetaReally good coffee here. The Long Black coffee is great.
  • Clara Lau on Golden Moon Restaurant
    We have been to Golden Moon many times for dinner and we are satisfied every single time! The food is great value and the service is great as well! It's definitely one of the better Chinese restaurants in Mississauga right now!
  • I Lo on Nino D’Aversa BakeryThe fruit tarts have fresh strawberries, blueberries. The egg tarts are very tasty.
  • I Lo on Diana’s Oyster Bar & GrillIt is a bit far to get there. But the fresh seafood is worth the trip to Scarborough! Excellent food! Very fresh!
  • j lau on Very Fair Seafood Cuisine
  • j lau on Mong Kok Chinese Restaurant
    traditional chinese dim sum restaurant
  • on Health Gourmet
    We Value your comments. Thanks for visiting
  • on Tasty BBQ Seafood Restaurant
    We Value your comments. Thanks for visiting
  • Bernard on Tasty BBQ Seafood Restaurant
    Your web page would be more informative if you can also carry the current menu with price, and images of takeout menu. You may also interview the operators and report what they say is their best selling dishe and specialties. You may now send an invoice for your efforts.
  • j lau on Sunny Bay Chinese Restaurant
  • Annie C on Health Gourmet
    The restaurant is quite spacious; decoration is rather simple, and the green chairs and walls seem to be a break from the traditional red and gold tone in conventional Chinese restaurants, though the background is bit too plain. As the name of the restaurant suggests, we managed to try quite a few “healthy and nutritious” dishes, like mushrooms, scallops, cucumbers served with different types of vegetables to celebrate the Chinese New Year. The lobsters and chicken are okay. It costs us about $30 per person (tax and tipping included) for a party of 9. Overall satisfactory.

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